Memorable gardens are designed to capture the unique spirit of place or genus loci that engage all our senses while delighting our eyes and soul.

Create outdoor living spaces that are in harmony with your lifestyle which enhance and accentuate your garden environment. 

Violet E. Lawrence degreed in landscape architecture and ISA certified arborist 
Whether deciding where to plant a tree or creating an entire garden, Violet will assess all your sites environmental conditions while blending your vision into a cohesive garden design assured to please. 
Your consulting Arborist for:

Appropriate tree variety suitable for property scale and site considerations.

Artful tree training, shaping, lacing and strategic pruning.

Tree selection, planting, monitoring and seasonal upkeep.
Violet E. Lawrence and Associates
Mission Viejo, CA
949 859 5875
Coast Live Oak
Quercus Agrifolia