A Toast to Celebrating Life
Just imagine   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

A wooded walk with the music of a meandering brook as sunrays filter through the forest canopy.

A contemplation garden with a serene quiet stillness of understated greenery that inspires inward reflection and centering.

Strolling through a moonlit garden with Gardenias, Night Blooming Jasmine  accentuated with silver foliaged plants that appear to be magically illuminated from within. 

An elegant herb garden with exquisite intricate layouts and  dramatic topiaries.

A lush tropical-looking paradise garden that is actually filled with bold and colorful architectural water-wise plants.

Gazing upon expansive views of untouched wildland terrain that is both stunningly beautiful and firewise. 

A living mosaic of vibrant colors, bold forms and irresistible textures provided by drought tolerant succulent plants that are striking and easy to care for.

A magical play area that captivates a childs imagination and sense of adventure as they explore through mysterious tunnels and delight in chasing butterflies.

A festive courtyard overflowing with colorful fragrant flowers filled with the sounds of celebrating abundance with friends and family.
My mission is to serve you in creating the garden of your Eden.
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